People rarely have any knowledge about top web hosting companies out there. Sure, they are bombarded with a lot of choices, but how exactly are they going to choose? Under what criteria?

Well today, I am going to provide you with an easy checklist to help you get the hosting service that you need for your website.

1. Do They Have Multiple Servers?

A web host is a company that has multiple servers that clients can use to have their websites hosted online. That being said, ask if a hosting provider has multiple servers. The reason is that you want to have as much stable a base as possible so that you won’t run into problems like slow performance or an inaccessible website.

2. Do They Give Add-on Domains?

When you subscribe to a hosting service, you will be given your own account along with an internal control panel. Ask them if they are able to give you access to have add-on domains.

You might already know what a domain is by now, right? Add-on domains are essentially that- some domain names that you can add via your control panel that you can use if you plan on adding some more websites under your name.

3. Do They Allow You to Switch?

There are companies that impose lock-in periods wherein you will have to subscribe to them for a given set of time before you can go ahead and try another service. Even though you can technically try another service, there will usually be some penalty fees that you have to pay if you go ahead and do so.

Go for companies that will allow you to have a seamless transition from one service provider to another. Perhaps your current provider just does not have the features that you want later down the line.

Again, go for a hosting company that allows for seamless transitions across providers so that you will not have any headaches.

4. 24/7 Customer Support

Technical problems can happen at any time, which is why you need to go with a company that you can trust and can call within seconds if a problem does arise.

A lot of the best web hosting companies out there has 24/7 customer support. DO not be deterred by companies that outsource their customer support staff. This is usually done just to cut costs, but they are making things better for you.

5. Do They Provide You with a Chance to Upgrade?

As your website audience grows, expect to have more traffic driven to your website. Does your web hosting service provide you with the chance to upgrade to a much better account when the need arises?

Furthermore, if they do give you the possibility to upgrade, will you incur penalty fees because you are still currently locked-in into a certain tier?


There is no denying that a web hosting service is needed for any website to flourish online. The problem now is which company you should choose. Hopefully, this article has provided you with the right information to help you.