Companies or merchants will try to entice and lure would-be affiliates to sign up on their
affiliate programs. Now that you have a pretty sizable affiliate team and you have them
for a while, you are probably enjoying massive success due to their efforts.

But, how can you continue this trend of continuous growth and revenues? Well, you
have to do things that will make your affiliates happy, but how exactly can you do that?
Read on to find out.

Don’t Forget to Show Your Gratitude

Look, no matter how hardworking your affiliates are, they are still human. That means
that if you show your gratitude to them, that will make them happy knowing that they are
doing quite a good job for you to congratulate them.

A lot of employers do not feel the need to tell them how appreciative they are with their
affiliates’ work and that is to their detriment. If anything, your affiliates might not like you
because you are not talking to them, especially without scolding them for a bad job.

Clear communication is always key but aside from communicating what needs to be
done, take the time to talk to your affiliates and give them a pat in the back for a job well

If physical presence is not available, you can always contact them through social media
or other forms of communication.

Always Listen to Feedback

There is a reason why we have two ears and only one mouth in that we should listen
more than we talk. That being said, you can make your affiliates happy if you are
actually willing to listen to their feedback.

Look, there are some bright people out there that will always have ideas that can benefit
both parties. So, take the time to listen to what they have to say. Not only that, but you
should also consider implementing them or making timely changes for the betterment of
everyone as well.

Make Them a Priority

Let’s face it, not all of your employees are worth your time. I’ve experienced dealing with
some affiliates that do not give me any updates at all, let alone the results that I wanted!
However, there are also some employees that you should always hold up to high
esteem. For such affiliates, make them a priority by promptly responding to their
requests and spending some of your resources to help further their craft.

After all, if you are going to invest in your affiliates, you will also gain some benefit from
it as well.

Set an Example

Believe it or not, there are some affiliates that want an authority figure in their life and
you can provide that to them. Set an example by exuding your core beliefs and

For instance, if one of your company’s core values is hard work, explain it to them in the
best way possible. Cite some scenarios of why giving your best will also yield great
results in the process. Set an example to your affiliates and they will love you for it.