There is no “best” watch out there simply because not all of the wearable timepieces are
fit for every occasion. Sure, you can wear those rugged G-shocks for almost everything,
but it is not going to look really nice if you are going to a more formal event.
That being said, you need to have dress watches for those black-tie events. So, if you
are looking for the best men’s dress watch out there, you need to read through the
entire article to find out some tips.

Always Buy from a Reputable Company

If you do not know anything about dress watches or any other formal watch in particular,
then you’re going to want to buy from a reputable company.
There are so many of them out there and I would highly recommend checking some
brands such as Rolex, Omega, Ciga Design, and more.

Go for the More Subtle Design

Choosing a watch for formal events means that you are better off with one that has a
much simpler design. This is so that you can wear your watch for many years to come
without it being out of style.
Do not go for chronograph watches because they might not be appropriate for black tie
events. Instead, go for the simplest design you can find; one that still looks sleek and

Choose a Classic Case

When you are looking for a watch that you can wear for formal occasions, it is better
that you buy one that has a classic and simple case. This is so that it will always fit your
long-sleeved shirt and so that you will not run into trouble when you are trying to
complement it with the coat that you are wearing.

Go for Colors that Are Appropriate with What You’re Wearing

All of us have our own preferences when it comes to the clothes that we wear and you
also have to make sure that your watch compliments what you are wearing.
So for instance, if you are wearing a black belt and a black coat, then wearing a watch
that has a silver or black strap will work.
If you are wearing a blue suit, try to find a watch that has a blue watch face and
probably even a brown leather strap.


You have two good choices if you are buying a watch when choosing it from a strap
perspective. For the most part, you are going to want to wear either a silver metallic
strap or one that has a leather/faux leather strap as they pretty much go with almost
anything that is considered formal.
I personally would recommend the silver metallic case simply because it not only looks
formal but it is also sleek no matter what you are wearing.
You may opt for a black leather strap but you have to make sure that the watch face
doesn’t have the same color. Perhaps using one with a black strap and a white watch face
will do you wonders.