Although some parents do not want to admit it, getting a diaper bag is pretty much one of those things that you will never regret doing.

A diaper bag is spacious and is able to put a lot of your baby’s stuff in it. For example, you go out to the park so that your baby can have a glimpse of the outside world and a couple of minutes later, your baby’s crying because they’re hungry.

Normally, you want to bring with you a baby milk bottle to help feed your newborn, right? But, what about the other essentials of the baby like diapers, an extra set of clothes, pacifiers, and more?

That is where a diaper bag comes in. But, with so many different options out there, I am going to help you narrow it down to the best ones that are fit for you and your baby.

Read on as this will be the only diaper bag buying guide you will need.

Always Consider Functionality

Your diaper bag is more than a portable storage space. Your baby might want to play with it and it can also be helpful to shield you and your infant from the elements like the rain and snow.

That being said, always consider functionality more than form. Below are just some things that you need to consider in this regard:

1. Consider Your Space
Although diaper bags are meant to house all of your baby’s essentials, it is still a bag that you can use to put some of your stuff in as well.

Make sure that the bag is spacious enough to put your belongings such as sunglasses, wallets, keys, toiletries, and other things.

2. Spacious for Baby’s Stuff
Of course, you want enough space to encase all of your baby’s belongings. It should be spacious enough to include the following:

  • Extra clothing
  • A toy or two
  • About 3-5 diapers
  • 1-2 milk bottles
  • Pacifiers
  • A baby bib
  • Burp Cloth
  • A swaddle blanket
  • Diaper Rash Cream
  • Formula Container
  • And Many more

Whenever you are in the store, make sure to try the bag out. Get as many things inside as possible and see if it has some nice mechanisms for organization to help you keep things tidy and organized.

Don’t Forget the Style

There are many different styles of diaper bags. There are those that look like a backpack, a messenger bag, and there is also the ever-stylish tote bag as well. Here are some things that you can consider with regards to the style of the bag:

1. Color
In terms of this aspect, it doesn’t really matter. You can either choose one with a simple color or you can choose one that has plenty of colors that will make your baby happy.

2. Traditional or Purse Hybrid?
The different styles (backpack, tote, and messenger) are considered to be the traditional styles of diaper bags. They are made to be spacious and they have organizational mechanisms in place.

However, not all moms want to use that, which is why there are some manufacturers that would create hybrids as well.

As you can tell by the name itself, it acts as a diaper bag, albeit more stylish at that. The only downside to this type is that it typically has fewer pockets than the traditional one. So, it is up to you whether you choose to compromise the space or the style.