Backyard building

At this day and age, many homeowners are facing the rise of home maintenance costs and property taxes. Even the services of the best architecture firms in Malaysia are not cheap. As a result, several cities are changing their zoning policies, so second homes can be added to the single-family home backyards. That way, homeowners can defray the cost by renting it out or housing their relatives near them. This also saves the construction costs.

Sculptural small projects

It’s really hard to deal with the high costs of home renovation and remodeling services. A perfect solution to this is to engage in small projects from time to time. Smaller projects are great opportunities to explore new ideas. Why don’t you start in your garden? A little landscaping project this summer is an amazing idea.

Smaller and smarter design

The preference for urban living is now leading us away from the convenience of the suburbs. This means that we are gearing towards high land values and construction costs, making home ownerships difficult for many families. As a response to this, more and more design professionals are agreeing to design smarter, smaller homes. We all need to make spaces work.