There are things that you need to learn about affiliate marketing in Malaysia. This is tied to the time and the effort that you are willing to put into it. Do not make the same mistakes all over again, especially if you want to earn a considerable amount of passive income.
Below are the Important things to learn all throughout your affiliate marketing journey:

Only Advertise the Products that You Really Like

One of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made early on in my affiliate marketing career is that I advertised just about any product that I can come across with. This is a huge mistake because there are some products that you know nothing about. If you try marketing something that you really have no clue as to what it does and what it’s made of, you’re not going to be an effective affiliate marketer.
That is why it is important to select your niche at the very beginning. For instance, if you are fond of cosmetics, search for affiliate programs from companies such as Avon, Loreal, and many others and start from there.

Enrol in Courses

The beauty of the internet is that there is a vast wealth of information that can be had at the touch of your fingertips. One of the best things I’ve learned is to enrich yourself in different courses that are related to the products that you are going to sell.
Seriously, you will sound more convincing if you market products that you are actually well-versed at. For instance, selling computer peripherals is so much easier if you know the terminologies that are being used in marketing them.

Create Valuable Content

An affiliate marketer has the sole responsibility of making sure that they create content so compelling enough that their audience would want to support them in any way.
That being said, create content that is actually valuable to your audience. One of the types of content that you can create are listicles such as “The 5 Best…” or “7 Products that Worth Your Money” or so on.
When creating such, make sure that they provide information that will persuade your audience to actually buy them and not just create them for the sole purpose of adding affiliate links.

Establish Your Affiliate System

Affiliate marketing success is not achieved overnight, which is why you want to establish a system that works for you early on. That means that you go in-line with your partner merchants, get good affiliate programs, enlist in good affiliate networks, create good content, establish your audience base, and so much more.


If you are using your own website or a blogging platform, make sure that you apply the rules of search engine optimization, especially when it comes to creating your own content. This means that you do some internal linking, adding alt texts to your images, optimizing your videos and images by compressing them to a considerable degree (without degrading picture quality), and so much more.