1. Hosting prices

Of course, it’s the principal thing you’ll be taking a gander at. Price is an essential spark in decision making when it comes to any item.

However, it ought not to be the key factor in picking best web hosting. Sometimes a cheaper hosting plan can be better for your needs than an expensive one. Other times, you should splurge on hosting to make sure your site is stable.
Renewal price is a thing to be mentioned too. Try not to get hooked up by a low price for the first year; check what it will be AFTER the main year.

So before clicking “Purchase Now” under the “$0.99 per month” plan, make sure to take a closer take a gander at all the features that come with this hosting.

2. Area names

What do you need besides hosting? An area name, of course. Please don’t race to purchase the space name ahead of hosting. Why not? Because bunches of companies offer to host together with one year of free space name registration.

3. Bonuses you can get with hosting

How do hosting providers make their business more attractive? They offer free bonuses, for example, a one-year free area name, which was mentioned above. However, you may be getting something extra!

Check the hosting plan description, take a glance around, and discover what other scrumptious features are available for free. For example, heaps of hosting companies offer some $ sum that you can spend on marketing offer to promote your website, or they can likewise offer dedicated IPs, SSL certificates, extra reinforcements, etc.

4. Technical Support and Documentation

Well, that is an essential feature. On the off chance that a hosting organization does not have technical help, then run, Forrest, run! In the event that technical help is available, check how you can contact its representatives.

Email as it were? Not the best choice. Visit + Email? Not terrible. Phone + Chat + Email? That is the best approach!

However, burrow deeper, make a test call. You will presumably be connected with the Sales department, yet you’ll definitely see what sort of help you are getting. Long response time, bunches of redirections – not a decent sign.

Technical help is like a football defender who needs to step into the game if something goes wrong. Do you need a weak player? Definitely not. Get the strongest one!

Remember about the documentation. Great documentation can save you long periods of pausing and frazzled nerves.

5. Hosting control panel (cPanel)

Once you purchase hosting, you will work with it through a hosting control panel. Frequently cPanel software is used to power control panels, so we will refer to all hosting control panels as cPanels right now.

Okay, purchase a vehicle without a test drive? Likely not. Test the cPanel before obtaining a hosting plan. All reliable hosting providers have demos of their cPanel. Of course, being a demo, it isn’t completely useful. However, it will help you understand what you will be dealing with.

The cPanel must be user-friendly, understandable, and clean; it needs to include help joins and a brisk method to contact technical help. Once you’re in, snatch the documentation and see how it functions.