It is safe to assume that almost all of the people all over the world have access to smartphones. According to a recent survey from Statista, about 85% of Americans own at least one smartphone and they use it 2-3 hours on average per day.

There is no denying the value that smartphones can bring. It can help people watch their favorite movies, listen to their favorite songs, and even play their favorite games.
You can also know what time it is just by looking at your smartphone’s screen.

But while these handy devices allow you to know what the time is, there is still so much value on investing in an automatic watch or any watch for that matter. Culture is art and a timepiece certainly has some value in this day and age.

Today, I am going to go over some reasons why you need to buy an automatic watch.

aIt Never Goes Out of Style

Automatic watches have been around for quite some time now but the reality of it is that it never goes out of style. That is because there is a great degree of craftsmanship in every watch that you see- whether we are talking about an affordable watch or a luxury watch.

Its Watch Movement is Mesmerizing

One of the main distinguishing characteristics of an automatic watch is that it has a smooth sweeping movement. When you look at your watch, you will marvel at the way the second-hand moves.

It is also because of this sweeping motion that you cannot hear the famous tick-tock sound that Quartz watches make.

It Can Last Long

The problem with Quartz watches is that they do not last long. Even though they are inexpensive, the fact that it is battery-operated can potentially damage the mechanism, especially if you do not change the battery from time to time.

An automatic watch lasts longer because its mechanism doesn’t require any external power source. You just wear the watch and your natural movements can help power the
device. Depending on the self-winding mechanism that is installed, it should have enough power to last a day or two without wearing it. All you really need to do is have it serviced every 5 years or so and you should be good.

You Only Need One

Although men are told to at least have 2 or 3 watches in their collection, you only really need one automatic watch. That is because its style and its movement are accurate and
stylish that you do not have the need to buy any more than that.

It is a Worthy Investment

Most of the luxury watches that you can find on the market are automatic watches and there is a reason behind it. Aside from the fact that it can last for a very long time, its value actually appreciates the longer you have it with you.

For instance, let’s say that you bought your Rolex watch back in the 90s and you decided to sell it now (2019), you could see a huge increase in price since the watch that you purchased nearly 3 decades ago could potentially either go out of production or that only a limited number of those watches are sold at that time.