All searchers are familiar with the digital content marketing cycle. Post solid quality content. Gather a loyal audience. Improve search result rankings. Having the finest SEO Packages. You just need to repeat this over and over again. But, what if you’re a one-man team? It will be hard for you to produce thoughtful, well-written content every single day.

To make sure that your efforts would generate good results, focus on creating articles that resonate with your readers. Feed them in your SEO strategy.

Below are 5 ways to rework and update your older content. These can help you maintain your editorial calendar, and improve your search ranking.

1. Create an article of relevant links.

Show them how knowledgeable you are in your niche by putting together newsworthy and relevant stories from various sources. Tell them your thoughts and opinions. Why are these pieces important for your readers? Don’t forget to include outbound links.

This is approach can foster digital content syndication relationships with several brands, vendors, and other publishers.

2. Break long posts into bite-sized materials.Female Computer User (#9) by oksmith

Do you have lengthy blog posts with broad topics? Break these into shorter articles. These bite-sized articles can help people looking for specific answers to their specific questions.

3. Repackage your old content. Let is serve as a roundup, or one-stop guide.

Put together all related blog posts from your archives. Create a new post that can serve as a comprehensive guide. This approach can reintroduce much older posts to those readers who have missed them before.

4. Update your older posts.

Review your archives. Brush up some of your older stories with new figures, stats or links. Incorporate elements that can make the piece even more relevant. Regularly refreshing older articles can fuel your SEO ranking.

5. Collect some quotes from industry experts or employers.

Email a general inquiry to your industry friends and colleagues. Gather all of their responses, and use them to craft your blog post. This question or inquiry can serve as your headline. Just make sure to let them know if their responses are featured. Let them share it to their social networks.