1. Fossil Hybrid Smartwatch

The hybrid smartwatch series of Fossil is a brilliant choice for business travelers. Their
timepieces are functional and stylish. Its main feature is a built-in fitness tracker, but it is also a
travel watch that can be paired to your smartphone via Bluetooth. This timepiece can send
emails, app alerts, calendar alerts, emails, and read various time zones.

2. Samsung Gear S3 Frontier

If you are looking for a travel watch that you can also wear every day at work, look no further
than Samsung Gear S3 Frontier. This timepiece is water resistant, and uses Samsung Pay.
Moreover, you can connect it your phone via Bluetooth, and connects to other apps such as
Spotify and Uber. All you need to do it get notifications is to rotate the steel bezel.

3. Garmin Fenix Chronos

It’s not easy to look for travel watches and casual watches in Malaysia. There are tons of choices
available, so it’s normal to get confused. If you are a adventure seeker and traveler, the Garmin
Fenix Chronos is one of the best choices for you. Whether you love hitting the slopes, playing
golf and paddle boarding, you will surely love its cool features. It even comes with a TracBack
feature that can help find your way when trail hiking.

4. Apple Watch Series 5

There is no doubt that Apple Watch is one of the best timepieces for travelers who use iPhones.
Not only can it effectively pair with your phone, it also functions as a GPS, sleep tracker and
fitness tracker. If you are on vacation and don’t want to get any notifications, all you need to do
is shift to “Do Not Disturb” mode.

5. Nixon Base Tide

This is one of the most awesome travel watches! This timepiece is even more suitable for beach
destinations. It is simple and affordable, and takes pride in having unique features such as a
countdown timer and tide chart.