1. Manage all of your finances.

Financial management and budgeting may appear out of place in this list, but this is one of the most crucial aspects of being an architect. According to research, over half of millennials are not happy with the current state of their finances. Just like in any other profession. the lowest person at the totem pole is the lowest paid individual. Though, this is also caused by the fact that several millennials don’t follow a specific budget.

2. Don’t stop learning.

To be successful architect someday, and work for the best architect company in Malaysia, you need to work hard to acquire new knowledge. Start by reading one book each month. This can help your architecture career a lot.

3. Stop complaining.

Salary is, so far, the biggest complaint you will see in the architecture industry. It is a cause of frustration, because architects spend a long time at school, and take lots of tests, and end up not earning that much money.

As a newbie architect, you must focus on making progress on your career. Take qualification tests and training. Read books. An improvement in your salary would follow. Just stay positive, and accept the fact that you need to start from the bottom.

4. Make sure to do work at work.

Several architecture offices, usually the bigger firms, have implemented some IT policies that block specific websites. This is for the reason why many employees go to social media platforms before doing their job.

Millennials grew up with technology. Texting, snapchatting, social media are already part of their lives. All you need to is manage social media usage well. It shouldn’t serve as a distraction.

5. Never take advantage of your employer.

It’s important not to take advantage of the bosses. Be grateful for them. Because of them, you have a job that allows you to pay the bills, and spend time with your family. Don’t speak badly of them. But, what if you don’t like your current situation? In that case, the best thing to do is leave. Ranting on social media would only make everything worse.