As a Web Developer, these tips are vital in any point of your career

Custom web development can be quite the challenge so utilizing every aspect, every tool and every trick available will out you at an advantage above everyone else. Use these tricks to further yourself as a web developer.

The Font-Display Technique

With this, you can prevent your web pages from flashing text once the fonts load. It helps you to control the fonts on your pages.

Check what other websites are on the exact same server as you. This is typically used by hackers to get through neighboring websites.

SQL Data Security Technique 1

TDE, or Transparent Data Encryption encrypts backups and files, not all the values in the tables

SQL Data Security Technique 2

In order to encrypt all column’s values, right click on the table.

Utilize Smidge, not Client Dependency.

Smidge definitely does a more efficient job compared to Client Dependency. It also offers additional features.

Models Builder API

Make sure to use this with Models Builder’s custom tool. This allows users to keep their models in separate libraries.

What is the algorithmic concept? It’s all about finding image width values that provides a crucial decrease in file sizes. Different photos are analyzed to look for good breakpoints, instead of producing all possible photo resolutions.


Image Contrast Technique

Remove image contrast before saving it in your system. Then, once you save it, reapply the contrast through CSS. You wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. This can save you tons of bandwidth and disk space.

Image pixels trick

How to increase pixel size? Save the photo in zero percent quality, and then display it at half its size. The result would be a much smaller photo disk, and the difference is not really noticeable.

This service utilizes AI to improve low-quality images photos.